Theresa Riggi children Austin, Cecilia and Luke remembered in Westhill at the Scout Hut by Pam Dignan Dancers

Theresa Riggi found dead in secure hospital after murdering her children Austin, Cecilia and Luke

Theresa Riggi, 50, was an American woman from California who was sentenced to 16 years in jail after the deaths of her children in August 2010, namely Austin, Cecilia and Luke, at a flat in Edinburgh. Austin and Luke were 8-year-old twins, Cecilia was 5 years old - they were all killed by being stabbed to death eight times. Attempts were made to cover up the deaths of the children with a gas explosion - following the deaths Theresa Riggi jumped from a second floor flat. A report into the mental state of Theresa Riggi identified narcissistic, paranoid and hysterical personality disorders.

Theresa Riggi was moved to a secure hospital from the all-female Cornton Vale Prison, near Stirling, after reports that she had been attacked in the jail.

Theresa Riggi was charged with murder but admitted three counts of the lesser charge of culpable homicide on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

August 2010 - Pam Dignan Dancers provided a memorial bench to Austin, Cecilia and Luke Riggi in front of the Scout Hut in the town of Westhill in Aberdeenshire. The children of Theresa Riggi went dancing at the Scout Hut in Westhill with Pam Dignan.

These purple crocuses have been planted by Westhill Scout Group Amazon Beavers and are provided by Westhill Rotary Club. The crocuses are looking good on Thursday 24 March 2022.

The Westhill Scout Hut is home to the Scouts, the beavers and also the Scouthall Playgroup.

BBC News - Theresa Riggi found dead in secure hospital

Young boy dies after collision with van in Westhill - 20 July 2012

This is the incident of a young boy playing on his roller skates in a residential street in Westhill, Aberdeenshire - he tragically died in a collision with a John Lewis van delivering nappies to the house for the baby sister. The young boy, Michael, had been playing in his driveway with cars.

A wee boy Dennis Ralph who went to the Scouthall Playgroup died of a brain tumour, a nice wee boy recalls Rosemary Cruickshank who worked as a playleader from 1992-2008 and fives years as relief. Dennis's gate is at the Scout Hut in Westhill - the name Dennis is on the gate as a constant reminder of a nice wee boy who tragically died after a very short life.

BBC News from 9 Feb 2001 - Seven years for wife killer — this story is in reference to the Westhill murder of Mandy Macdonald by husband Neil Macdonald in an acclaimed tragic accident, a sex game gone wrong. A massive search for the body of Mandy Macdonald took place with a helicopter and police searching in a forested or wooded area. Mandy lived in the Lawsondale area of Westhill, an area of low cost housing and Mandy had young children at the Scouthall Playgroup. Mandy Macdonald lived on Arnhall Drive, Westhill, and tragically died on 4 January 2000. Neil MacDonald hindered police investigations by disposing of the body of Mandy in a wooded area sparking a wide intensive police search. This is the biggest murder to have gripped the town of Westhill in its modern history. Mandy died at the start of the new millennium - she only just saw the dawn of a new era.