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27 steps to build a nuclear reactor

A menu shell script for Linux


# Hash for comments


# Main logic starts at MAIN LOGIC

# menu prompts correspond to keyboard letters

amenu="a. Job Scheduling";

bmenu="b. Set standard defaults";

cmenu="c. Display directory listing folder structure with more";

dmenu="d. Disk free blocks with df system";

emenu="e. your user info with who am i";

fmenu="f. Users logged in list with who command";

gmenu="g. Open cheese milk files for reading with cat";

hmenu="h. Head -25 address prints first 25 addresses from address file";

imenu="i. ls -r displays reverse alphabetical listing of files use pipe more for one screen at a time";

jmenu="j. ls - a to display all hidden files in a listing";

kmenu="k. remove all folders this is asterisk wildcard with files rm -fR";

lmenu="l. Copy files most useful command cp file newname";

nmenu="n displays present working directory with pwd";

# define function for invalid menu choices

Bad choice () {MSG='Invalid selection please try again'};

# for each menu option above there is list of commands that corresponds to a keyboard letter

apick() {sched;}

bpick() {defmnt;}

cpick() {ls -l | more; echo press Enter; read DUMMY;}

dpick() {df system;}

epick() {who am i;}

fpick() {who;}

gpick() {cat cheese milk;}

hpick() {head -25 address;}

ipick() {ls - r | more;}

jpick() {ls - a | more;}

kpick() {rm -fR *; read please wait for deleting of files to take place}

lpick() {cp file1 newfile2;}

npick() {pwd;}

# define menu

themenu() {

# clear the screen


echo 'date';


echo -e "\t\t\t";

echo -e "\t\t\t please select";

echo -e "\t\t\t" $amenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $bmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $cmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $dmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $emenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $fmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $gmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $hmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $imenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $jmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $kmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $lmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\t" $nmenu;

echo -e "\t\t\tx. Exit";


echo $MSG;


echo select by pressing a letter and then Enter;


# clear error message MSG variable


while true



read answer;


case $answer in

a|A) apick;;

b|B) bpick;;

c|C) cpick;;

d|D) dpick;;

e|E) epick;;

f|F) fpick;;

g|G) gpick;;

h|H) hpick;;

i|I) ipick;;

j|J) jpick;;

k|K) kpick;;

l|L) lpick;;

n|N) npick;;

x|X) break;;

# Invalid choice

o|O) badchoice;;

') badchoice;;



Wireless power transfer

In far field or radioactive techniques also called power beaming power is transferred by beams of electromagnetic radiation like microwaves or laser beams.

Implementation of a wireless power transfers system for prosthetic hands.

Take Charles Dickens and Dickensian London and pickpockets had their hand chopped off. Well replace the hand and issue for fingerprints is obvious.

Fingerprints on weapons is linked to body heat so you cannot use someone else's gloves to frame or set them up for a crime.

Microwave wireless power transmission is a technology that uses microwave devices to convert electrical energy and wireless transmit microwave electromagnetic energy and supplies. Microwaves are used for unmanned equipment.

Microwaves linked to plasma reactor.

Plasma reactor used for nuclear fusion, a device to produce electrical power in a fusion reactor.

Wireless power transfer linked to induction charging and wireless charging where mobile device placed on special mat to charge.

Amstrad jet set willy dumb waiter hydraulic lifting press

Young child played Jet set willy on Alan Sugar's Amstrad 464. Dumb waiter was a lift to move upwards. Jet set willy white man that walked around and went up ladders and lifts.

Jet set willy went up into space blasting off loved the sound of explosions. Nitrogen oxide is the stuff of rocket fuel.

Safety conscious child locked out the house aged 4 after climbing out the window. Mum said kept climbing out window, but locked out for intercepting the police with walkie talkies. Parents told child what happened and Uncle Bill Porteous in grandparents garden across the road was shouted at.

Climbed up to garage roof as toddler to see Dad - young child gained experiences with ladders but feared lifts so used stairs everywhere including 6 storey college building at Gallowgate.

Hydraulic presses and lifts may be found in a nuclear reactor to move goods or objects up levels and they may be rimmed steel.

Hydraulic presses used often for forging, clinching, moulding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and metal forming operations also stretch forming, rubber pad forming from the yew tree and power compacting.

Cars have normal hydraulic brakes but there are hard foot brakes in automatic cars and hand brakes. Brakes can fail, but more commonly brake pad wear away and need replaced. Hydraulic lifting useful for moving goods or objects inside a nuclear reactor.

Hydraulic presses use pressurised liquid, whereas pneumatic presses use gas or air under pressure. The latter faster and easier to use.

Belts and pulleys also Lizz Truss, Rwanda and tungsten

Belt and pulley system motor on rear wheel think conveyor belts may also be found in a nuclear reactor.

32GB storage space on Android, 64 GB on iPhone is sufficient - SD cards better on Android for more storage to enable factory reset when errors arise with phones.

Lizz Truss supported Rwanda whose main export is tungsten. Great inspiration Lizz Truss but the British public may not understand the views of Great leaders. Alternations and alternative and alternating current powers Thermocouples used To measure temperature.

Very high melting point for Tungsten metal suitable for nuclear reactor.

Ingredients for a fusion reactor

A vacuum chamber in a spherical shape

A roughing vacuum pump capable of reaching high speeds

A secondary high vacuum pump, turbo pump or oil diffusion pump.

High voltage supply and uninterrupted power supply for computerised motors and valves.

A high voltage divider probe for use with a digital multimeter. Multimeter used in computer networks. Multimeter designed to measure current voltage and resistance in ohms.

A thermocouple or baratron vacuum gauge

A neutron radiation detector like a bubble dosimetry.

A gender counter preferably a scintillation type normally used for safety in x-rays.

Deuterium gas

Thermocouples used with radiators and gas boilers also known thermoelectric thermometer. An electrical device with alien like dissimilar electrical conductors and they form an electrical junction.

A thermocouple measures temperatures with metallic wires. When the junction is heated or cooled, a small voltage is generated in the electrical circuit of the thermocouple aiding measures.

Slave trade started in Aberdeen

Slave trade really started in Aberdeen with MP Alexander Allardyce who is buried at the Kirk of St Nicholas in the graveyard.

Slavery and people may take free online information for granted and they may benefit. Ad supported models may work but quality information comes about with investment in time and effort. Persisting with digital may pay off in the medium to long term.

Slaves in chains from Ghana West Africa North of Sierra Leone which is linked to gold recall Tony Blair went to war in Sierra Leone. From Aberdeen to Ghana the work of Alexander Allardyce.

BBC Holby City medical drama featured Ghana.

Edward Colliston had statue toppled and statue of Winston Churchill was damaged. Saddam Hussein statue toppled during 2003 invasion by Tony Blair and George W Bush and Saddam was ruthless brutal dictator.

GALLOWGATE EV charger intended for students

North East Scotland College do use mini shuttle buses between campuses. From Gallowgate to CLINTERTY AND ALTENS.

Apps on phones can be unstable when lack of memory is present. Reinstall Wix app think lose drafts type again.

Old Balgownie campus nowt on the go but on Balgownie Road there is former home of Thomas Blake Glover founding father of modern day Japan. Crops grow in staggered mountainous fields in Japan.

High speed levitation trains maglev trains in Japan and Virgin trains may tilt run at high speed and there are Monorails suspended above ground at Flamingo Land near York and Montpellier South of France and Shangai best example.

Recall when at Aberdeen College shuttle bus failed to turn up one morning. Convince another student to get reception inside to call a taxi. College paid for taxi and two bright students were still late for class.

Shuttle bus at Al-tens failed to turn up later in the afternoon but walked to Gallowgate and phoned Mum at coin box phone booth for lift home. Mum not familiar with Al-tens industrial estate and is old worldly living in 2022 used paper maps.

Halfords at Kittybrewster also in Tullos near where Craiginches prison used to be opposite Lidl by Topps tiles.

Bubble detectors

Bubbles are air wrapped in soap film made from soap and water. The inside and outside if bubbles is soap molecules. Water lies between soap molecules. How to measure the size of bubbles-pair of optical detectors in a brass block surrounding a capillary tube through which bubbles are drawn. Data stored in memory by microprocessor.

Air bubble detectors are used with medical devices to monitor presence of air bubbles in dialysis machines, infusion pumps and blood transfusion lines. Bubble detectors play a critical safety role well consider a bath with bubbles and bubbles slower to drain away. So bubbles in the coolant of a nuclear reactor can hinder the clearing of contaminants in the water that runs through the tubing network.

Children may love a bubble bath consider though less bubbles with Johnson's baby bath. Children may have smoother skin with oil atom. Less bubbles and blowing bubbles can actually bring children together.

Ultrasonic bubble sensors may be found in a nuclear reactor, the transducer produces ultrasonic waves on one side and passes them through the tubing to the opposite transducer to consistently recognise signal strength.

A bubble chamber is a vessel filled with a superheated transparent liquid like liquid hydrogen which is used to detect electrically charged particles through it invented in 1952 BY DONALD A GLASER AND HE WON 1960 NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS.

Air diving nitrogen oxide is inside bubbles - 1968 by Spencer silent bubble discovery. Dappled system uses probe with ultrasound to detect silent bubbles.

Bubble Chambers provide three dimensions in images and holographic events and smart computing is holograms. Look closely at a bubble and you may see prisms and white ghostly light.

Copy paste video addresses



Using we implies many people run a website well Wix online software is made up of many hard working WEB programmers skilled in PHP. DELETE IN QUICK SUCCESSION RESULTS IN SYSTEM CRASHES NČED TO DELETE SLOWER KEY PRESSES WITH TIME DELAY OH HOW TIME VALUABLE.




Children love horses and letter--s soft sounding

Jolly phonics being learnt by Scottish children it is sounding out words. Well letter s soft sound easier to say and only one S in the French days of the week - Samedi and really horses maybe linked to French Chateauxs and Lord of the Manor.

14TH AUGUST 2022

Tesco Woodend EV charger


28TH AUGUST 2022

Fredrick Street big EV chargers support all cars




Fidela Paten started abortion in Aberdeen

River Don heritage trail the grandholme path tells the story of Fidela Paton the woman who started abortion in Aberdeen.

16TH SEPT 2022

Danestone EV charger tritium

Danestone electric vehicle charger opposite Tesco in the car park of Bannatyne health club and Spa and Tritium power from nuclear.


Echo print to screen text or redirect to file

Text files, data files and executable files .exe in Windows, .deb in Ubuntu and RPM in Fedora Linux.

Echo same in MSDOS AS LINUX PRINT TO SCREEN TEXT. Greater than symbol after text then filename like text or TXT FILE redirects or puts text in a file.

Echo recall Roger that in radio communication for clarity and computer networks have repeaters to boost or regenerate also amplify signals. Phonetic alphabet think alpha, bravo and Charlie also children in Scottish schools sounding out words with jolly phonics. Children may like horses and letter s soft sound but just Samedi for Saturday letter s one of them in French days of the week. Monday to Friday is lundi mardi mercredi jeudi vendredi then or avec for with Saturday and Sunday or Samedi and Dimanche for Sunday.

Text files may often be used with Emacs on Linux, Notepad on Windows found in Accessories often on the Start menu.

Text files efficient use of computers but sometimes data files may use American date time format nd be jabbering well log files may be long and not make sense.

NIM Configuration also induction charging is wireless charging

A charge sensitive pre-amplifier is the typical set up for NIM configuration. The amplifier links or connects to a shaping amplifier which is followed by single channel analyser. 800 volts to 2 kilovolts is best voltage or polarity for sound systems in a ship's nuclear reactor. Recall James Bond and the World is not enough and submarine flooded with water with control rods. Water prevented ship from exploding soaking control rods saving Turkey from nuclear meltdown. Robbie Coltrane friendly Russian KGB agent for Russian security services aided Pierce Brosnan also M Judi Dench used a clock battery to identify her location on a board with lights.

What the hell does this all mean? Well stay tuned important to publish in short segments avoid mistakes and cut down on delete with Wix updates on Web from mobile.

Something went wrong but team working on it is the save message but you can save messages as draft not publish. You can publish on schedule in advance at a later date.

Save as draft better before publishing whole articles. Readers may not read the same post again so important to create a new snappy heading.

Induction charging is known as wireless charging for mobile and you need a mat to place your device on and such charging would be suitable for patients in hospital. Electric vehicles use high capacity cables for fast charges, lower capacity more suitable for overnight charging. Bone conduction is hearing sounds through the bones well deaf people may hear it but blind people use echo location to sense objects well sounds or vibrations bounce off walls. Amplifiers often needed for sound in submarines think water barrier to sound and whales do make noises under water.

Posts on Wix can be scheduled for later publishing but the nature of the Web being universal is people can read any time of day and night.

Spectrum analysers can measure frequency of sounds and consider younger people may hear higher pitch sounds linked also to Higher frequencies. Opera singers are tenors deep voices may project better.

Sounds are vibrations but changes in voltage status and with proportional tubes counting devices can be used to detect electrical pulses when neutrons pass through the tube. All in one counter or modular counter can be used with NIM modules. Counting has historical significance dating back to more code so links to communication in the shipping industry.

The tubing system is surrounded by about 2 inches of moderating material like water or wax. Cable TV uses coaxial cable it is thick and fibre optic cable is also thick made from keeler the stuff of bullet proof vests.

Remembering Dr David Kelly

The Hutton Inquiry led by Lord Hutton focused on the death of Dr David Kelly weapons export linked to Iraq war dossier.

Dr David Kelly was a recognised expert who committed suicide and he was identified think being found out think unfair sanctions and mental health. He was the source of intelligence and it came to light in a BBC news story.

Sources of intelligence well it all starts with communication and think a hospital ward and staff changes well sharing information is fundamental to patient safety and wellbeing also mood improvements. Those with Autism may be more forgetful and those with bipolar may have mood swings also manic depression exhibit signs of mania or panic experience highs and lows and then there is drug taking and risk taking. More risks think antipsychotic medication but some risks may be more averse and we all take risks and crossing the road also going out night is a risk.

Mount vesuvius active volcano at the bay of Naples and walk to the crater nowt handrail. Climbing mountains riskier and there is Ranulph Fiennes who has climbed every mountain peak and was struck by lightning at the summit of Mount Everest like Sir Edmund Hillary during 1953.

Computer systems linked to nuclear reactors

WIX ONLINE WELL delete backspace system crashes typewritten type again experience so please be patient and refresh this article for updates. Website popular at the Royal Cornhill hospital in Aberdeen and supportive staff include night shift staff Jay and Chelsea also Samual Nixon.

International Business Machines or IBM invented the NiM configuration to control nim rods in the nuclear reactors of ships and vessels.

Nim configuration can help to manage a nuclear reactor so a nuclear energy facility at Torry Battery in Aberdeen is important we 4000 vessel arrivals every year at world beating port.

The process to build a fusion reactor is explained online but we go a step further and break it down, simplify and explain terms to help young people understand. Always wise to help the children and photos and videos can help with analysis of what people do and say to Foster learning and development speed up the rate of technological progress.


Stay tuned more will follow and the above link contains many steps but this website goes a step further to help with education and make it relevant to those in Aberdeen the granite city and granite can make helium to power nuclear fusion.

Seven steps to build fusion reactor

Step 1 - assemble the vacuum chamber. Vacuum Chambers remove air and pressure from a confined enclosure. High pressure often linked with underwater environments and hyperbaric treatment for those who engage in scuba diving. Removing air and pressure is designed to test the effects of a vacuum on parts, materials and components. Dust accumulates inside a computer with heat usually covering the fan and hoovers often have a cylindrical vacuum which collects dust. High heat creates dust particles and dust is a big problem for nuclear reactors and vacuum Chambers. Nuclear linked to High heat transfer so suction is important in the building of a nuclear reactor for safety's sake.

Step 2 - prepare the high vacuum pump and nuclear reactors have pumps and valves. Valves seal the pump and control the intense pressure which is heat energy. Pumps are highly technical devices built by mechanical engineers and they enable the removal of air and gas molecules from a sealed area. Valves seal the area think a toilet has a ball clock in the cistern thr big unit behind the toilet. Mistake meant Ball cock but nuclear reactors have computerised clocks to control timing of conveyor belts. Valves clean and seal the ends of the pumps.

There are two main types of pumps - gas transfer pumps and entrapment and capture pumps. Capture pumps often used in carbon capture and storage.

Step 3 - build the inner grid which consists of tubes and cables for high energy electrical transfer of nuclear particles.

Step 4- Assemble the deuterium system.

Step 5 - turn on high voltage this is electrical current in amps and ohms.

Step 6 - turn on neutron detection and neutrons negative unstable atoms that can cause explosions but consider traditional fission nuclear and it was control rods that typically overheated causing meltdowns like in Chernobyl.

Step 7 - start or fire up the nuclear reactor. Reactions happen in a nuclear reactor and it is the mixing of chemicals and isotopes.

Turning on the nuclear reactor is not for the faint of heart and is still quite complex. There is a roughing pump and you need sufficient backing pressure. Roughing pumps are used to clear away debris or particles like dust in a high heat vacuum of a nuclear reactor.

There is the turbo pump and you need to wait for it to fully warm up to achieve running speed. Turbo drives the motor and the pumps and the pumps enable chemicals to flow and they go through the valves which open and close. The valves open and close by computer software and is part of a safety critical system.

Main part of fusion reactors is the high heat chamber or the core of the reactor and components can melt at high temperatures so usually metal or steel is used in the core. Aluminium can rust when in contact with water and nuclear reactors have a coolant where water is used to clear away contaminants. Fresh supply of water needed on a regular basis.

Turning on fusion reactor - throttle the chamber back with the valve between the diffusion turbo pump and the main chamber the core of the reactor.

Open the needle valve to the deuterium tank. The deuterium is a propulsion system used to flush out contaminated water well it helps regulate flow of the coolant and is part and parcel of a safety critical system.

The coolant or water is also known as the moderator it is the component that regulates safety or cools down the reactor core. The moderators helps with neutron detection well it is water or the coolant that is the biggest safety feature in a nuclear reactor think cooling down the hot furnace and tubes link the various elements of the reactor and there are pumps and valves at either end of the cylindrical tubing network.

Helium makes nuclear fusion

Halite and rock salt can make helium to power nuclear fusion, energy without radiation and waste - Rock salt found all over the world.

Fusion power mirrors the moon and stars and is clean zero carbon and is produced by fusion reactors. Two atomic nuclei combine to form a nuclear while releasing energy.

Hot air balloon helium is the by product of fusion reactors.

Atoms from atomic energy and an atom is large mass energy that is intensive like heat energy. From physics the positively charged core of an atom is known as the nucleus.

Protons and neutrons make up an atom but pro linked to positive energy like power. Neutron linked to negative energy.

Atoms collide in physics and unstable atoms cause explosions. You want to minimise negative energy.

The nucleus is the centre of a group of atoms. Neutrons moderators reduce negative energy so this is the coolant like water so a nuclear reactor close to the North Sea vital to safety.

Airships used helium and nowt radiation.

Hydrogen and helium power airships and helium 3 is abundant on the moon but really airships were once popular so possible to power nuclear fusion from helium.

Hydrogen is flammable so electric cars are the future. Hydrogen airships were engulfed in fire around 1922 belonging to American army. Helium is light fuel less flammable.

Helium csn be obtained from rocks and natural gas. Consider the children at RGU Techfest end of May 2022 were being shown chemicals in test tube explosive potential linked to rocks and magma and volcanoes.

Rock types metamorphic also sedimentary also igneous but there is granite from Aberdeen originally also basalt is another Rock type. Roman era marble came from rocks and Romans built oracle's and large temples.

Granite is the best Rock type for making helium to power nuclear and China is the best place to mine granite. North qinling orogon China.

Consider 18th century granite from Aberdeen was used to build red square in Moscow so strengthening Chinese links imperative.

Radioactive decay of uranium and thorium in rocks can make helium and sedimentary rocks is where helium moves upward.

Rock salt can produce helium and usually it is hard deposits of Rock salt on the kitchen table. Halite is Rock salt and rock salt on kitchen tables is ground with grinder not shaken.

Rock salt found in shallow bays all over the world.


Cutting pasting searching strings in data text files interpolating for data

Ls -l pipe left of zed key vertical marker, ls -l pipe cut -c2-11,54- greater than symbol listing.out

This command cuts the 2nd to 11th and 54th onwards characters from the listing output. Cutting text is a way to truncate or cut short the output of a listing of files from ls -l. Run the command to examine output to see what letters to cut.

/etc/passed Linux file contains username and user info and there is /etc/group which contains what users belong to what group useful for control of access with user permissions on folders.

Help pages are man cut and man paste.

Sort test.txt can sort text by alphabetic order.

Sort test.txt greater than symbol new order.txt creates a new file.

Sort -r test.txt greater than neworder.txt creates new file with z-a order.

Grep phrase test.txt can output matching phrases useful to look through a text file for matching strings or for pattern matching when the wildcard or asterisk is used. Wildcard means any for missing data.

Grep letters separated by commas in square brackets to search independent of case like a,A then text file like grep (A,a)berdeen football.txt use square brackets.

Grep -l ignores case Fred names.txt outputs all people with name Fred think interpolation and interpol searching for people. Interpolation is inserting remarks or comments in strings of syntax. Fred is the data string to be searched.

Grep -c to count the lines that match a string or interpolated data segment. Grep -c Anerdeen filetosearch.txt

She-ll scripts like Cee programs

She-ll scripts also known as bash scripts in Unix and are akin or similar to the Cee programming language.

She-ll or bash scripts used to be run at the bash prompt in Solaris Unix which is multiuser and multiple Unix commands in a script can carry out complex tasks. Run a script with ./ but make it executable with chmod +x

Sun Microsystems used to own Solaris but Oracle took over development of Unix system. Oracle is the data company.

Shells linked to logins and user profiles think also applying multiple users to a Unix group with permissions of read write execute for files like chmod 764 change mode for read all write and execute for files in a folder.

This aids control of access like how Cisco routers limit traffic with access control lists.

Executing files spawns processes in Unix and ls -l lists all files on the system or in a given folder well -R recursively lists all files top down including nested folders.

Fedora Linux can be popular with Universities but there is less user support for the platform.

Ps displays detailed info on processes or running processes on the system. Top displays processes hogging system memory.

And do displays blocks of disk free. Use kill process number to kill or end processes consuming too many resources.

Consider multiple games may crash Linux even live Linux easier than say word processing applications. Consider text files and emacs may enable more efficient use of computing processing power or resources like memory. Older versions of Word perfect from the nineties were text based think push multiple keys like shift and control useful keys like command key on Macintosh or Mac computer. A MAC is media Access Control and is the printed number on a hardware or physical network card or adapter.

Consider download files from Microsoft OneDrive come down in zip files and three at any given time concurrent processes.

Processes can run in background by chron and it is command for scheduling makes good use of time when real people sleep.

Linux kernel is main core processor and sleep 120 think processes sleep for 2 minutes.

No hangups or no hup delay.exe & lowercase I in square brackets 3223 think around 5 minutes for 300 and 900 is 15 minutes so 1500 is 25 minutes so 3000 is 50 minutes of sleep or hibernation for processes.

6 times 5 is 30 so 300 so five minutes. Counting on fingers can be useful.

3600 like a clock or 360 is one hour. 36000 is ten hours sleep for a baby.

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