Computers and Integration SCIO, Inverurie

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Inside Computers and Integration during 2015

Inside Computers and Integration during 2015 after learning about tablets to be able to give training and help the public in the community

Support from Scottish charity Computers and Integration can improve career prospects — historical support with computer training, current help and support to use computers and tablets can give people digital skills and help to leverage digital devices to their full potential and open up employment opportunities and gain real competitive advantage.

Learning through play with enjoyment enables learning at own pace creates happier learners and increases engagement in learning, thirst for knowledge, encourages lifelong learning, continuous improvement and leads to advancement in society when people give back, contribute, share knowledge and wisdom.

Curriculum for Excellence long in the planning, launched during 2011, is the curriculum model for Scottish education and its spirit is to foster lifelong learning and create effective contributors who are environmentally responsible.

Computers and Integration long supported those with disabilities and special adaptations including larger keyboards and joystick mice broadens social inclusion helping disabled persons, those with visual impairments, and also older people keeping them productive for longer. Older people can have wisdom from a life lived - unique experiences with personal struggles so should be encourage to share wisdom.

Techsilver in the UK or United Kingdom or provide phones with a larger keypad to aid older people who may be visually impaired also Techsilver provide the GrandPad tablet computer, a simplified tablet that helps older people to connect with loved ones using 4G, see photos and listen to streamed music also.

Charity Patron Sir Malcom Bruce, Lord Bruce of Bennachie cared enough to support the charity having had a deaf child