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DuckDuckGo — search with freedom and privacy in mind
What will happen when our Sun dies? (2018)
The 13 Most Fascinating Astronomy Facts
Sounds of the Sea with Dr Helen Czerski YouTube video
The Cosmic Shambles Network on YouTube
Professor Alice Roberts backs Twycross Zoo in emotional plea of support
The World According to Physics – with Jim Al-Khalili - learn to write web pages
Convert text in word processed documents to clean HTML improving accuracy with spell checking and readability
YouTube video on Earth 100 Million Years From Now in 2010 produced by Professor Ron Blakey
YouTube video on STEM Lecture Series at San Diego Mesa College featuring Dr. Ron Blakey
Best Apps for Kids Aged 13-17
Safe driving for life — Take a practice driving theory test — Take a practice theory test

James's pick of apps for kids to be creative and productive

Animoto: Slideshow Maker — helps school kids create impressive and immersive presentations
Autodesk: Sketchbook — helps kids and teenagers who like art be creative
Codea — helps kids learn computer programming on the iPad creating games and simulations
Lirica — learn foreign languages with music for travelling the world and understanding different cultures and people of the world
Magisto — create videos on your mobile device of your school experience and your out-of-school experience, such as of native environments outside
Paper by WeTransfer — create sketches and be creative
Popplet — for effective learning, visualisation of ideas and success in exams, you need to be creative and create your own visual mind maps
Procreate — a great tool for the iPad for those serious about art – combine it with the Society of Wildlife Artists to help you create art inspired by wildlife — a game and app for mobiles to help practice vocab, which should help with English in schools
CreativeLive — educational video for teenagers
Skillshare — Online Learning for older teenagers with lessons in illustration, photography, design and more
ArtStudio for the iPad — Draw and Paint, creating amazing art easily