EV Charging Aberdeen

Breaking news - June 2022 Google mapped some streets Aberdeen using Google street view cars also some images dated December 2021 very convenient for looking at real-time images of streets to assess if there are EV chargers still actually Google does not go everywhere there can be gaps in coverge. Images can have different dates throughout a city since it takes time to drive around and capture images.

Dates can vary on images and they are static images. December 2021 Google Street View shows evolt EV charger on Stanley street between Union Grove and Albyn Place near Harlaw Academy. Evolt Stanley street two flaps require swipe sensor with RFID card or smartphone app with sensor to open flaps connect cables.

Sensor located in LCD panel really some machines marked with red dot and WiFi arrows radiating out.

Living at Bute House like the First Minister of Scotland Edinburgh or at 10 Downing Street in London like the Prime Minister, really you may not know what really goes on. Important to be close to the people also the plebs to make a big difference. Important to be proactive also anticipate future issues and problems and City Wardens that walk on patrol definitely do not have at the present time jurisdiction to enter Aberdeen Maternal or Maternity also the birth of new baby hospital or hospital sites - absolutely nowt EV charger in the grounds of Aberdeen's Maternal hospital any case at the present time.

So where are the EV chargers? It's the question on the lips of new buyers of electric vehicles. Think consult the BP pulse app - in a flap check zapmap.com and EV chargers listed may or may not be present where the app or website says it really is. It might be laziness actually certainly from Aberdeen City Council's perspective - their website listed EV chargers not present in the real world.

The question comes back to maintenance of Council websites. There may be multiple people involved like a team - knowing who is responsible big problem actually and Council provided information can really help others.

Councils anyway laid back culture - this is the public sector not the commercial private sector driven by profit.

Capitalism actually is what supports the world of work drives on innovation but still an important role for care - care of people is still important.

Actually it is the public sector in Scotland that faces a big challenge.

It needs overhaul - it needs to focus on real care of people while public sector services and Council services have a big problem motivating people to do their jobs.

Social workers form part of the public sector and Council run services.

Visual verification and sharing video really can out those who seek priviledges and protection, increase innovation and make public sector employees do what they are paid to do.

Aberdeen City Council provided information actually being wrong certainly in Aberdeen has created a transport nightmare and headache for many.

Councillor and former Lord Provost Barney Crocket great inspirational figure seeking to front the Barney bikes scheme.

Everyone being able to eat is important so fundamental for me to help keep people moving - it is really the voluntary sector and volunteers people being willing and able that achieves a lot. Helping is identify the locations of EV chargers to support future motoring. There are two 2 EV chargers at Westhill Primary and Library opposite Aldi convenient for shopping trips - they are usually vacant accually most of the time.

Using active travel and video capture return to home can make good use of time actually - people can be quite productive on two wheels using affordable transport think health, productive working lives - that's a Public Health Scotland Initiative but as the website says it is no longer not anymore provided an award scheme still training options available and wide range of information - https://www.healthyworkinglives.scot/Pages/default.aspx.

The age of capitalism - everyone wants an award and wants recognition for achievements and actually all EV charges are shown on www.facebook.com/wonderfulwesthill but still a need to keep local files sometimes local video files are easier to find and cloud or online storage back-up create duplicates actually Microsoft OneDrive offering a one TB as standard for personal services is not sufficient really.

Paying for more storage is possible but Dropbox 2TB is more cost effective - OneDrive comes with Microsoft Office but Google Drive and Google One comes with an efficient suite of online applications think Google Docs, Google Sheets also Google Forms for students doing surveys for people to fill-in gather data.

Home charging is possible with EV chargers - charge your vehicle overnight from home

Any qualified electrician is authorised to legally install a home charging point in the home if they have the specific skills and specialist accreditation for the hardware, although an increasing number of manufacturers and businesses are undertaking further training, specifically with EV charger installation in mind.

Can you install a DC Direct Current store to batteries fast charger at home? The short answer is no. A DC fast charger is designed for industrial and commercial settings. This is mostly due to the power requirements and expenses associated with a Level 3 three charger.

A 240-volt charging system, known as level two charging, will charge your electric car much more quickly than a 110-volt unit. Additionally, it's designed for repeated, heavy usage.

Electric vehicles charged up overnight from home likely suitable for most people but it is not for continuous driving really you need Fredrick Street style petrol pumps easy hook up and charge a car for the average woman and you need to convert over petrol stations give them incentives - long queues perhaps rapid chargers 30 minutes for 80 percent - supermarkets Tesco and ASDA need to offer electric vehicle charging. ASDA taken over by brothers who had chain of petrol stations.

Chademo and Combined Charging system usually make up the rapid chargers with around typically 50KW - type two chargers may vary from between 7KW to 14KW upwards to 22KW. While type two chargers may be slower to charge they may be more economical suitable for through the night charging of vehicles from home for example.

EV chargers typically mounted on a pole single, dual or quad type.

VersiCharge charging systems offer compatibility with commercially available electric vehicles and corresponding charging standards. Elegant design and simple, intuitive operation are convincing. A mobile app for smartphones (iOS and Android) offers even more convenience.

EV chargers as confirmed as being present via video during August 2022

ol ordered list in HTML used with li list items really good for automatic counting of lists or items in a list applied automatically by the web server written in HTML code, makes easily seeing how much of something.

  1. 16th September 2022 EV charger eVolt by Circontrol opposite Scottish Ambulance station in Aberdeen on quiet road, the road that links to Forresterhill Road near Cornhill shops such as Aldi
  2. 16th September 2022 Bannatyne Health Club and Spa opposite Tesco Danestone EV electric vehicle charger InstaVolt chargepoin+ only one of this make in the City of Aberdeen unique
  3. Queens Street EV electric vehicle charger by Marischal College opposite the abandaned old Police Scotland building on the pavement where there are dedicated parking bays some with disabled blue badge spaces
  4. Langstang Housing Association ChargePlace Scotland near Seaton Primary off Kings Street opposite BP petrol station with Londis on Kings Street
  5. Woodhill House Aberdeenshire Council HQ does have an EV charger at the back by the bike rack near the entrance road on Westburn Drive capable of charging two cars.
  6. Chapel Street car park, AB10 1ST two Electric vehicle chargers near vehicle entrance of car park - car park reopens during October 2022 and one single machine allows 2 two vehicles to be connected by a cable which tends to come in the boot of electric vehicles at the time of purchase - important to ask the car dealership, check also, look in boot for verification.
  7. Frederick Street underground car park, AB24 5HY but open and accessible from visiting it first hand experience this one has no barriers, plenty vacant spaces, three big machines with universal petrol pump handles everyone is familiar with and machine supports all types of vehicles both Chademo CCS Combined Charging System
  8. Golden Square outer car park, AB10 1RD run by Siemens efaceC appears user-friendly will charge two cars at once - open flap with hand to connect car to socket no messing around with RFID and sensors swiping to connect cables although you may still need an RFID card to connect or a smartphone app also need to enter a PIN number and numbers on machine so may complicate charging - really smartphone authentication might be easier when connecting to digital payment solutions.
  9. Danestone Community Centre car park, AB22 8ZP there are 2 two EV parking chargers here the eVolt kind need to swipe at sensor either using RFID card or smartphone app to open flaps to charge vehicle. Opening a flap by hand in my view like Siemans is likely more reliable more of the time. Danestone Community Centre EV charger supports two vechicles and is definitely present confirmed, Fairview Street off Laurel Drive the same road where you will find Tesco Danestone at the intersection with the Parkway
  10. Cornhill Shopping Centre car park, AB16 5UT there are 2 two EV chargers here by Aldi it is by Forrsterhill Road which links to near Forresterhill hospital - Cornhill roundabout is in the middle of Forresterhill Road and connects to Anderson Drive first roundabout coming from Lang Stracht.
  11. Mastrick Road car park, AB16 5PY located near Gray's Inn on Greefern road definitely 2 two EV chargers here the kind with a sensor to open flaps so eVolt chargers.
  12. Kingswells Park and Ride lower car park two 2 evolt EV chargers actually support 3 three cars so said the instructions. Really it is the well written instructions provided at Kingswells Park and Ride that helped me to understand EV charging and got me started investigating all these EV chargers finding them also this is the English aspect of STEM. Lots of detailed information at the Grampian Transport Museum in Alford.
  13. Hazlehead Park eastern car park, AB15 5BJ - the car park on the road by the recycling centre not Groat's Road well there is an eVolt EV charger with flaps to connect vehicles with sensors RFID card or smartphone however this charger was out of service when last visited. Who noticed? Who reported the fault? Well EV charges can go out of service so hydrogen an important technology. Hydrogen can be made from nuclear energy. Feeding everyone in this shared world is possible with nuclear energy not nuclear missiles.
  14. Aberdeen Royal Infirmary lower ground floor multi-storey car park thank Sir Ian Wood - this is the Lady Helen Parking suite his wife - four EV vehicles can be charged here rapid chargers charge 80 percent in half an hour allowed to stay for three hours. Dutch Ecotap think eco and eco friendly and tap at machine here looks a fine piece of kit this is visual inspection but actually it is the petrol pump handles like at Fredrick street that has univeral appeal think professional working women driving up, hooking up and filling up with juice or electricity in a manner they are familiar or accustomed.
  15. Gallowgate car park, AB25 1DL this is the open air car park two machines here also petrol pump handles rapid chargers but this car park usually full or busy in the standard parking bays. EV vehicle bays tend to be less popular at the present time but that is set to change. Petrol pump handles like at Fredrick Street could have widespread universal appeal leading to uptake in adoption of EV vehicles.
  16. Duthie Park - Polmuir Road, AB11 7TH (at rear gates to Duthie Park)
  17. Macauley Drive near the path which links to Craigiebuckler area green space near residential area, entrance by road is via Countesswells Road opposite Airyhall Primary and two 2 EV chargers here. The Rowett Institute is on this road (see https://www.abdn.ac.uk/rowett/.
  18. Tanfield Walk car park, Aberdeen AB24 4AN - near Great Northern Road and Woodside Primary, there is a car park here showing on online Google maps also near Baird's Pharmacy Clifton Road with vacant on street parking at the pharmacy.

  19. Dunmail Avenue car park, Cults AB15 9LW - EV charger opposite or near Deeside Care Home - actually many people in a foreign place orientate around landmarks get their bearings Dublin great example, big spire in civic square actually real easy to overlook perhaps or overlook the importance of the big spire. Greenland actually big mass of flat white land perhaps mountains in the distance - it if from above in aeroplanes and helicopters that we can appreciate scale think the scale of a land mass, destruction to forests and assess the scale of wildfires to direct water to be dropped from above to extinguish fires.
  20. Stanley Street off Albyn Grove between Union Grove and Albyn Place where you will find Harlaw Acadmey.
  21. Faulds Row off Provost Watt Drive evolt EV charger two slots or flaps open with RFID swipe with sensor or use smartphone with built in radiofrequency.
  22. Tesco Woodend two EV electric vehicle charging machines that can charge two cars each rapid chargers PodPoint charge 80 percent in 30 minutes.

EV electric vehicle chargers near Ambulance station and at Health Club near Tesco Danestone

16th September 2022 EV charger eVolt by Circontrol - always been fortunate to read small print, but need glasses to see detail in the distance not perfect astigmatism in both eyes so issues perhaps with focusing vision sometimes, astigmatism inherited from grandfather. Dad had perfect eyesight, but needed glasses to see computer, read small print in later life - opposite Scottish Ambulance station in Aberdeen on quiet road, the road that links to Forresterhill Road near Cornhill shops such as Aldi - you can tell location from the video. Open flaps by hand - seven connectors for cables. Cable must come in boot of car at time of purchase - check with garage. Look picture of credit or debit card on EV charger so Contactless support tap at machine this is new EV chargers, emerging trend. New machines built with support for credit and debit Contactless technology for payment - you tap your bank debit or credit against machine to activate this simplifies the process. First connect a cable from the machine EV charger to your car, tap your payment card against the machine likely the LCD panel or screen or the symbol of a card on this machine to pay activate payment start off the charging process. The LCD screen likely will provide output or feedback during charging process, charging may take an hour for a full charge for rapid chargers, 80 percent for half an hour. Difficult to tell if this is a rapid charger, but try and keep productive when car charging make good use of time. Time often flies when people are having fun - think use mobile data on a smartphone, start reading the news, or send emails to work colleagues.


Bannatyne Health Club and Spa opposite Tesco Danestone EV electric vehicle charger InstaVolt chargepoin+

16th September 2022 Bannatyne Health Club and Spa opposite Tesco Danestone EV electric vehicle charger InstaVolt chargepoin+ only one of this make in the City of Aberdeen unique - two machines with capability to charge two cars per machine, nowt cars charging when video taken really EV chargers not that popular yet but just wait in future people may be queueing up, long delays without more EV chargers being erected. Start, Stop and emergency Stop button clearly visible more visible than the high up instructions which are not obvious but very detailed, good instructional support here. Petrol pump handles familiar analogy. Tritium on EV charger. LCD panel with limited computer text. 66p per Kw - really not very useful info uncertain how many Kilowatts it takes for a full charge. This EV charger works with Contactless credit or debit card just tap it against the machine. Bank cards have RFID or radiofrequency ID built-in - it is really wireless contact technology think tap against card reader in a shop, money gets deducted automatically same principle. You might need a separate RFID card for other EV chargers but also your smartphone works too - modern smartphones built with radiofrequency support. Big issue EV chargers throughout Aberdeen are different in various places - different makes and models really there is ISO International Organisation for Standardisation also there is IEEE Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers that make technology standards.


Torry Battery world class harbour port in Aberdeen with ships equipped with satellite dishes, GPS, mini nuclear reactors, radar and sensors

7th September 2022 mammal in the waters around the harbour Torry Battery moving floating an amphibian and Amphibians are ectothermic (this is an organism that regulates its internal temperature by exchanging heat with its surrounding environment) so ectothermic not an electric eel think human touch electric shock, tetrapod vertebrates of the class Amphibia. Also description much the same as the last video really repeating can ensure the message gets across. Ship in enlarged port Aberdeen harbour - harbour enlarged 1871 when River Dee diverted so cater for more ships and be world class harbour for trade. Ship with satellite dish that's GPS for navigation - ships have mini nuclear reactors and sensor here for radar. Radar supports travel over frozen lands where there is snow and condensation enables the manufacture of liquids creating new liquids might prolong oil think that exploding fizzy drinks bottle, shake it up explosions sometimes - drilling for oil likely involves status indicators and sensors. Petrol and oil is important but really getting to grips with hydrogen plus electric cleaner for the planet still all things considered multiple vehicles in the mix ensures more people can travel more of the time enables movement of goods and freight with less interruptions. Always best to minimise environmental impacts but vital to always consider safety of everyone.


7th September 2022 Torry Battery ship in enlarged port Aberdeen harbour - harbour enlarged 1871 when River Dee diverted. Ship with satellite dish that's GPS for navigation - ships have mini nuclear reactors and sensor here for radar. Radar supports travel over frozen lands where there is snow and condensation enables the manufacture of liquids creating new liquids might prolong oil - drilling for oil likely involves status indicators and sensors. Petrol and oil is important but really getting to grips with hydrogen plus electric cleaner for the planet still all things considered multiple vehicles in the mix ensures more people can travel more of the time enables movement of goods and freight with less interruptions. Always best to minimise environmental impacts but vital to always consider safety of everyone.


Fredrick Street petrol pump EV chargers

19th August 2022 Fredrick Street Summer just before the schools go back in Aberdeen - this is Fredrick Street where EV chargers is in underground car park without barrier also wheelchair user shown being pushed by carer. Wheelchair users need carers - mobility scooters travel further enable more independence. Electric Vehicles Only bays clearly marked in car park. Getting frustrated the lack of standardisation or standard EV chargers - different EV chargers may require a different smartphone app. Combined Charging System CCS 50kW and Chademo 50KW both DC Direct Current - also Type 2 two the alternative one is Alternating Current from power source at Fredrick Street - note that at Woodhill House type 2 charger provides Direct Current to charge electric vehicle batteries. However, EV chargers at Fredrick street seem to be bigger with support for multiple different vehicle types. With learning there is knowledge acquisition a learning curve - young people do not remember everything, need to store data. Class C private IP address visibly shown along with subnet mask for EV charger at Fredrick Street so devices link to a router somewhere and a DNS server also there is a router somewhere providing Network Address Translation on the fly to convert a private IP address to a public routable IP address. Combined Charging System is different from Chademo - important to talk through your learning progress this is how to develop and make progress. Made in EU and Spain machines at Fredrick Street. Second EV charger much the same, but Combined Charging System red light, Chademo green light for Direct Current hose like petrol pump to connect to an electric car. Red light danger do not touch - green light flow of electricity safe to touch pick up handset connect cable to electric car and charge. Women understand petrol pumps - they take a handle plug it into their car, petrol pumps standard practice nowadays most drivers understand how to fill up their car with petrol. Red light coming out Alternating Current second machine warning is do not use for Direct Current red light. When the AC indicator flashes red, the AC voltage is out of range. Lights representing red state chargers flash a steady red light if there is an abnormality with the charging system. Generally, this occurs when the charger does not receive a signal from the batteries, in other words there is a break in the connection between the charger and batteries. Solid red light means do not use machine - green lights needed for both Alternating Current and Direct Current for safety. Man at Fredrick street implies all the three EV chargers which look the same are not all rapid chargers but the man admitted people do not know how they work until they plug in a car. When you plug in a car, instructions appear on an LCD screen. Three EV chargers at Fredrick Street support different charging types most parking bays empty designated for charging use - need to go into data rates, inverters and transformers - also some cars have higher capacity batteries so this might affect charging time also cars with higher capacity batteries are likely more expensive. Woman in video applied some chargers are slower, but consider there can be issues with cables, inverters and transformers. Data transfer flow the ions and the binary digits the zeroes and ones. Variation comes down to the manufacture of the vehicles as well.


Danestone Community Centre Aberdeen Council electric van charging

16th August 2022 Danestone Community Centre Aberdeen City electric van charging and another electric vehicle not charging and it is occupying a parking space next to the charger which supports two vehicle charging. Abdandoned vehicles in any case while Aberdeen City Council electric van charging, chargers are limited in public places actually - charging can take an hour for a given vehicle - big issues around care for the future for vulnerable persons could include older people, the infirm also the disabled then women less technical minded, more men are engineers. What is important to highlight is that van charging has three blue lights on the dashboard - two lights full on and third one flashing telling about status time charging vehicle, so electric vehicles have lights on the dashboard to indicate when charging is complete. Lights are status indicators - important to convey how electric vehicle charging works. Observing vehicles charging helps to understand the process and what is going on but person not present in the vehicle and it would be nice to ask someone charging their vehicle for a demo or demonstration. People do not need to be filmed actually or their vehicle identified but someone being present could demonstrate how the technology works - a visual demo could help others when a video is shared.


Kingswells Zebra crossing with solar panel sensors

31st July 2022 Kingswells Park and Ride - this is solar panel sensors linked to Zebra crossing beacons, sustainable solutions and safety now going hand in hand also linked to solar power. Note also electronic panel at the Arnhall Drive bus stop on Westhill Drive for display of bus times - electronic displays make it easier to update information from afar or remotely.


Aberdeen City Council switch off mobile phone policy in schools

30th July 2022 Saturday evening switch off mobile phones obvious at Performance school Hazlehead Academy with lots of accessible ramps - switch off mobile phones in class likely an Aberdeen City Council Education Authority policy really no mobiles in class these days is not good enough since with video and convergence supported by fibre optic networks and JANET the Academic network. Video enables special needs children also those with visual impairments also deaf or hard of hearing alternative formats to accessing content when video has subtitles. All BBC News videos had subtitles added around start of 2020. Have these teachers not learnt from a health pandemic? Recording creating digital works publishing on organisation websites sharing also duplicates work cuts out repeating and educates also teaches others without waste also without wasting wood trees finite resources also. Big issue actually teachers may do training courses in technology but they may be not long enough and be inadequate - really best training is learn at own pace in own time in relaxed atmosphere from online resources.


Stanley Street off Albyn Grange EV charger

7th September 2022 Albyn Grange garage Servicing, Repairs, Brakes, Timing Belts, MOTs, clutches, tyres, exhausts, diagnostics, air conditioning, 4 wheel alignment - also Albyn Grove near Union Grove there is an EV electric vehicle charger start of road at one end. Green lights back of chargers and they have source of electricity Alternating Current. Direct Current stored in batteries. eVolt need for smartphone app radiofrequency to swipe sensor activate open flaps to connect cable from EV charger to your car. Many people are going to have problems - user frustrations coming interacting with user interfaces on screen on your phone to get EV charger to work charge your car. RFID Radiofrequency ID in your bank cards enables contactless tap at screen, swipe at screen sensors are involved. There is oil powered cars - petrol, diesel, biodiesel and red diesel. Hi-tech is the future but we can prolong the life out of petrol think condensation making increasing liquids. Lots of petrol cars we cannot just switch over overnight and petrol stations may close actually so to maintain transport links across the world keeping petrol stations open is important. Petrol stations with EV charging petrol pump handles positive since universal analogy everyone understands - Torry around Sinclair road and Springfield road two petrol stations that are now shells closed down this is worrying also disconcerting. We cannot allow all petrol stations to close - big nightmare with charging lorries moving freight between countries and from Europe to Asia.


Aberdeen North Link Ferry Terminal nowt EV charger

7th September 2022 Opposite Union Square by bus station Aberdeen North Link Ferry terminal Aberdeen to Shetland absolutely nowt or definitely not electric vehicle or EV charger here and nowt charger in the two story car park present at North Link Ferry Terminal. EV charger said to be here according to zapmap.com. Nowt charger at this location - exploring the harbour looking for electric vehicles chargers.


Morganfuels.com petrol station shell

7th September 2022 From the bridge to Wellington Road by Aberdeen Rowing Association Schools Boathouse founded 1960 on the banks of the River Dee before North Sea oil rowing was starting up also child's or Billie's play park here modern equipment opened 2010. Britain historically good at rowing think Sir Steve Redgrave five gold medals at five successive Olympics shows stamina and endurance. Tim Baillie gold medalist for Westhill canoe slalom London 2012 Olympics. Stand on pedals running and stand on and move fitness equipment at play park along with swings. Swings like pendulum movement backwards and forth movement. A simple pendulum consists of a relatively massive object hung by a string from a fixed support. It typically hangs vertically in its equilibrium position. When the bob is displaced from equilibrium and then released, it begins its back and forth vibration about its fixed equilibrium position. The restoring force causes the vibrating object to slow down as it moves away from the equilibrium position and to speed up as it approaches the equilibrium position. It is this restoring force that is responsible for the vibration. River Dee Ferry Disaster late 19th century pulley boat wire spliced lives perished bridge into Victoria road, Torry not present. Morganfuels.com petrol station empty shell like BP on Springfield Road - this represents something significant petrol stations disappearing and if they all disappear the links between towns and cities break down the world fragments this is very disconcerting also worrying also concerning (who else shares my concern?). Packaging centre in Torry - Amazon big company online retailer needs warehouses and packaging and distribution centres, packaging centre in Torry might not be linked to Amazon. Speeding car goes through red light clear as day by bridge going into Victoria Road, Torry. Important to anticipate, look ahead and look back also look all around. Some people are visually impaired. Rise of the Gulls Sculpture by Stuart Allan monument by bridge into Torry.


Whaling and blubber for whales powerered oil lamps

Costing the Earth BBC Radio 4 four - older people are witness to many media events in their lifetime. Some events more significant than others. Mum recalls whaling off Japan taking blubber from whales was big in the past provided oil for oil lamps light in the darkness in Invergordon - the Highlands of Scotland which can be remote, secluded, think that cottage in the woods. Other people may have important memories - taking the time to extract them is a role for some people. The big issue is not very many people write about the tales of older people in a narrative with the view to making progress. Great progress may be made paying attention to those senior citizens.


Cults EV charger

Landmarks important good reference points - Deeside Care Home across the road from Cults EV charger, nowt activity at the care home but here to visit EV charger special trip. Dunmail Car Park Cults run by Aberdeen City Council and sign says Council not liable for loss or damage. EV charger in car park at what looks like another care home big building actually might just be residential flats. Seamons efacec EV charger Cults only charger in Cults according to zapmap.com at least mapping website accurate - always need to check and double check, visual inspection. You can see the sensor red dot wireless waves around LCD panel - why are all EV chargers different? EV Siemens flap open by hand 7 connectors on cable for car, green light this EV charger is working has electricity. 22 kvA. A kVA is 1,000 volt-amps. It's what you get when you multiply the voltage (the force that moves electrons around a circuit) by the amps (electrical current). Kilovolt-amps measure what's called the 'apparent power' of a generator. The KVA of a generator required to run your home comfortably; For an average home, the required KVA should be at least 3 KVA to 5 KVA. With this power in a generator, you will comfortably be able to run all your household appliances. This includes your ACs and Fridge, as well as other items that use a heavy duty point. Siemens has digits on device for entering a PIN. EV chargers or charging machines without digit PIN code requires smartphones so older people may need help may need digital champions to charge their car, important younger people help their parents. Think RFID wireless contact phone to sensor type PIN number on smartphone screen - EV chargers all different really it is lack of standards that is big barrier to widespread adoption think the IEEE also ISO International Organisation for Standardisation. Most EV chargers built for smartphones - basic standard mobiles not suitable for most EV chargers. Radio frequency RFID from space down to Earth. Energy measured in kilojoules. etap Dutch charger at Aberdeen hospital built for payment with PayPal - PayPal split from eBay was originally used for auctions online selling. Innovation needed - do not panic, we can sort it out and traffic is moving freely. It is the digital world that drives fear and panic, years ago things were more localised. Globalisation happened with the Internet, immense challenges for co-operation - important still to move migrants and people around the world. Linked to trade - the Romans came to London called it Londinium then tried to go up to Scotland, met by Picts and angry Scots fierce resistance.


Campus One Science and Technology park nowt EV charger

28th August 2022 Grandholme Drive and nowt EV charger at Campus One Science and Technology but look sunshine think solar panels this world has a bright future it is transitioning to electric vehicles plus hydrogen and pure electric vehicles. Get used to it -get your head around technology.


Around Scotstown Primary local shops nowt EV charger

24th August 2022 around 8 minutes by bike from large expansive green space back of Bridge of Don Academy to Diamond Bridge along Grandholme Drive - video shows passage of time very well, really cut a video of real world movements people notice, video also shows what someone else witnesses. Cottages present here along with multi-storey homes - cottages have nicer gardens perhaps retirement homes. Actually the retirement homes on the edge of Peterculter look like they have been built in blocks quickly with 3D printing. 3D printing for homes for older people may be going on in Aberdeen - pre-fabricated homes built rapidly accommodation for older people. Older people benefit then from new homes - Councils offer sheltered, temporary and supported accommodation for vulnerable persons and actually disabled persons less likely to receive a new home. Supported accommodation in Aberdeen is actually in Papermill Gardens, Tillydrone - Council homes being built in Tillydrone next to the police station and 2000 new Council homes being erected across Aberdeen, construction site present and road was closed in the recent past.


Tainwalk Lane by Great Northern Road, Woodside EV charger at car park

24th August 2022 Baird's Pharmacy starting off at Tainwalk lane and car park at bottom evolt electric charger near Great Northern Road, spaces outside pharmacy and people usually visit such places coming back with repeat prescriptions great places to site EV chargers since people usually wait - video upload is always after the fact back at home lack of 5G coverage need for multiple masts within 1000ft not 40 miles like 3G, back to base camp can be delayed - significant delays may be dubious, but still can bring back fond memories perhaps for others. Flaps open by hand on evolt EV charger here, sensor likely built into LCD panel - swipe with RFID card or smartphone app with radiofrequency. EV chargers use wireless contact - copying video descriptions to web pages can archive content, make it easier to look through shared video since actually Facebook's user interface can be slow, truncates video descriptions so this makes the need to keep concise snappy informative descriptions. Truncate to cut short not trunking or raceway the stuff or ducts networking media or cables go through and raceway is American term. British people may use trunking or coil cable through ducts.


Morrisons car park Kings Street nowt EV charger

20th August 2022 Saturday evening Morrisons car park Kings Street - Aberdeen City Council refer to a big main car park around West North Street with EV charger - absolutely no EV charger on this street and none in Morrisons car park. Morrisons actually limit customer parking to 2 two hours - Tesco has chain of petrol stations and actually a supermarket offering electricity from their petrol stations would be sensible, supermakets have more leverage selling food and are places that attract customers. Seagulls fighting at Morrisons car park - the white one versus the brown one synonymous of Europe versus Asia a sign of the future perhaps. Animal kingdom predators and prey. Segaulls run having chase - white one flies off, and brown one sticks around the dominant one. Hens produce chicks. Seagulls can peck - take food out someone's mouth. Waiting around maybe synonymous of EV charging although people more likely to leave walk away abandon their vehicle or car - easy to mix up b's and d's the letters with abandon, some young people can have dyslexia and may actually learn better with sounds and Jolly phonics taught in schools. Adding words for greater clarity using alternatives, requires careful proof-reading - words can be inserted in the wrong places think getting carried away in flow writing descriptions. Charging versus parking - people expect to charge up and park but EV chargers in public places few and far between. Timpson at Morrisons - Dry Cleaning, Shoe Repairs, Phone Repairs, Watch Repairs, Key Cutting, Engraving, Passport Photo - from traditional cobblers making shoes to phone repairs. Looking for EV chargers - they are small, typically compact discrete not a large petrol station with a forecourt and petrol stations few pumps, EV charging takes longer than a few minutes.


Around Aberdeen Arts Centre car park nowt EV charger at car park

20th August 2022 West North Street near Aberdeen Arts centre looking for second car park often like packing sardines but reverse parking sensors can help fit in a space, self-park this is on the road to autonomous self-driving cars more independence on the road, Grampian Transport Museum say fewer cars will be on the road in future - Council say EV charger in big car park around this area. Ambulance sirens flashing lights Saturday evening early on. Zap-map.org can show EV chargers but online maps like Google Maps tend to not have direction arrows - SatNav in cars provide spoken directions via audio. Accountants 247 here think finances career prospects. Children cannot enter construction sites for safety but online shared videos can show children what goes on, give them career options help them make up their minds. Mutually exclusive actions - choose to share video, choice to harm someone's reputation or not to share. Media professionals name and shame people in the newspaper. People know a name also they know faces. Grampian Transport Museum predict less cars on the road, so less time stuck in traffic for emergency service vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are self-driving and independent vehicles. Traffic lights need closed loop control positive feedback with motion. 7 seven seconds to cross the road West North Street and Kings Street said Councillor Ryan Haughton during 2020. E-bikes power assist - rich people will be moving around in future think the paupers the poor people from Charles Dickens. Just East going up Kings Street food delivery by bike think also Deliveroo zero hours contracts. Utopian future ideal state also competing future visions think the New Adventures of Superman with Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher. Utopian future vision we can change the future with advanced warning, invest in technology also unified standards. Travelling through time and space - a continuum, we cannot change the past but there was Back to the Future going back in time changing past events to alter the future that was Michael J Fox now the parkinsons sufferer think the Sports magazine referenced time in Back to the Future the Almanac. Newspapers usually dated to the day - magazines can be a week ahead, magazines may confuse some people referencing dates in advance - the concept of time. The world and its people - the world and technology. You can change a different utopian vision of the future with advanced warning.


Queens Street EV charger by Marischal College

20th August 2022 looks like BMW Queen's St by Marischal College charging at EV charger - it was assumed previously electric combined with Hydrogen fuel cell is cars with charging at fusalage where petrol usually goes in. This might not be the case - electric only vehicles may have charging point on vehicle at fusalage. Plug cable into vehicle first. Users choose A or B on screen likely via smartphone app - usually two chargers per machine, also LCD panels may at some EV chargers enable interaction - actually drivers tend to not know how to use EV chargers until they hook up a car, but we can evaluate EV chargers anyway provide generic instructions with broad principles - interaction with technology and computer user interface usually subjective, the subjective realm everyone has unique experiences so this makes the case for recording your own interactions with technology and sharing solutions. Lock your vehicle and leave cables attached so ChargePlace Scotland encourages users drivers to abandon or leave their vehicles while charging - difference then between parking and charging - charging while parking expectation in fast paced world, but drivers may not return in real life when vehicle has finished charging. RFID card also smartphone app can stop charging - RFID works in close proximity like RFID bank cards. Bluetooth is also close proximity usually linked with wireless headphones, playing music via speakers and smartphone an activity many young people can relate to, linking young people experiences to the real world important to teach foster understanding. First remove cable from EV charger, then from your vehicle always in that order - EV charger has power from mains Alternating Current. Direct Current is what is stored in batteries. This young child finger in plug socket, forced backwards electric shock parents present. Electric shocks can be prevented touching or holding keys - electronic components can be prevented from short circuiting by touching a metal surface like the cage or base unit of a desktop computer. Building computers, computer support personnel may use a discharge static mat, Velcro to discharge electricity - touching a metal surface can also discharge static prevent an electric shock. Picking socket A or B - flaps should open linked to sensors RFID wireless contact by smartphone app equipped with radiofrequency or use of RFID card order over Internet - charging cable should come in boot of car at the time of purchase, check with garage you buy your EV vehicle from. Saturday night young people out about around Marishchal College running through the fountains, at the Castlegate also in Mastricht around Greenfern road outside Gray's Inn and the community centre. Hanging around Gray's Inn around 6am and also later between half past eight and 9pm. Enterprise Car Club pioneering electric vehicle charging with a Renaut Zoe a cost effective car - totally electric absolutely no exhuast zero emission clean transport. Some electric cars you open the bonnet connect cables. Absolutely no unified standards - some electric cars connect cables at the front, others connect cables at the side like at the fusalage. Lack of standards big barrier to widespread adoption - buy an electric car, learn how to work it. Every car is different, but EV chargers work in similar ways - think wireless contact. Rapid chargers preferable charge time 30 minutes 80 percent charge, around an hour for a full charge. Mobile phones can enable someone to stay with their vehicle when charging if they have a foldable phone almost 7 inches this is being more productive - Microsoft surface tablet could keep someone productive in their vehicle - surface comes with USB port and Windows 11, Windows really built for working and learning. Helping more people to move around - get workers to supermarkets, to care for people may reduce violence and aggression whether people like walking, cycling or using a vehicle like a car. Important to stay healthy, mobile and active.


Gallowgate EV chargers two machines main outdoor car park

20th August 2022 9 minute video Gallowgate electric bus going past the outdoor car park. Churches tend to dominate city landmarks - the steeple well above other buildings. Four EV car park bays. evolt powered by APT Technologies Design by Circontrol. Faded instructions on the screen the LCD panel at Gallowgate open air car park. ChargePlace Scotland electric vehicle charging. Marked Rapid charger. Combined Charging System and Chademo 50kW at the second EV charger Gallowgate petrol pump handles. Gallowgate and Fredrick machines bigger machines petrol pump handles both car parks. Gallowgate outdoor car park lots of parked cars - car park usually popular going back in history within walking distance of local shops, Bon Accord and Union Street including what was St Nick or Saint Nicholas centre with Marks and Spencer. Take your smartphone or an RFID card and connect to EV charger by wireless contact or radiofrequency. Radiofrequency built into smartphones - it is also linked to radiation, but no-one has proved it is harmful - medical researchers struggling to prove a link to health hazards. Order your RFID card online. People have always fought - young children might do martial arts and karate but it is to let off steam, play, engage in a fun time - it is not designed for a combative world. People like to work, travel, go places and get around against this backdrop of global warming. Sign on the wall says Every age has its own fascism - why were words Energy age has own fascism used in video, perhaps too focused on these EV chargers. Things can only get bitter Evening Standard also on wall at Gallowgate - The Courage To Say No. Signs on the wall at openair Gallowgate car park. Modern world States of Emergency. Lockdown might be a glimpse of the future - a more localised world of walking and cycling without innovation. For innovation you need University partnering with business - academic world partnering with industry. EV charger says do not use during a thunderstorm so says instructions on EV charger - freak weather might be getting worse but hold on do not panic think Michelin tyres - stay in the vehicle during a thunderstorm and you will be likely fine. Michelin tyres also on bikes but best not to shelter under a tree - struck by lightning, trees can split in two think bark breaking, watch the sparks fly. Did you watch Back to the Future with Michael J Fox parkinson sufferer? EV chargers not to be used by children but still children need to learn how to use them - watching videos can educate keep others safer. 7 minutes into video seem to detect read again Every age has its own fascism - consider fascism and actually it is multiple divergent points of view, fascism not necessarily linked to religion. Fascism linked to paradigms also - with greater education and innovation you may shape someone's point of view. From a definition point of view - Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy that rose to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Really fascism represents divergent points of view - everyone wants a good standard of living, this is what drives competitiveness. Education is what drives understanding and tolerance.


Around Greenfern Road Mastricht main shops by youth centre EV charger

20th August 2022 around 20 minutes past 8 eight around Whitemyres Place St Clement's Church think oranges and lemons young people playing football the young teenage boys, young non-white teenage girls hanging around church, 60 different languages spoken around Aberdeen so it is multi-racial tolerant City. Doing a Michael Buerk 999 reconstruction, the programme aired in the past on BBC One that retold accidents - well Greenfern Place police unit absolutely no public facing counter in Mastricht. Man from previous video not actually shared less not harm reputations livelihoods wanted to go there around 6am, but man advised police station shut well it is no public facing counter. Female driver parked in EV charging bay or near EV charger without an electric car - big moral issue here. Police deal in laws not morals and ethics. EV chargers few and far between - showing people where they are sharing video to show contextual awareness. Teenagers very supportive shouting teacher before the incident - sharing videos maybe classed as education these days get used to it, shared video may raise eyebrows - it may alarm foster innovation. Police say alarming people is not right, so what is the alternative - wait for impending disaster to implode and pick up the pieces. Who is going to pick up the pieces? Communities may pull together in a crisis - banter down the pub, laying sand bags. Aberdeen City Council say do it online - the young people are seeing it on social networks. Utopian visions are future vision of the future there can be different competing visions. Greenfern road around 6am people hanging around might have been waiting for a bus - less youths around at twenty past 8 eight in Mastricht but still some young males outside the SPAR loitering. The teenagers outside the community centre around 6am might have moved down to the City Centre - young people leaping through the fountains outside Marishchal College. Waiting around, waiting for buses - bikes enable getting ahead, showing the future - one future. Predicting the future is like imagining. Enterprise Car Club Nissan Leaf Greenfern road was present at EV charger around 6am - still present around 20 minutes past 8 eight and not charging both times, no cable connected. This is not up to a good moral standard - occupying EV charging bays when not charging - difference between parking to charge and abandoning vehicle while charging. Big issue around publicly accessible vehicles charging can finish and no driver present. Few publicly accessible chargers around Aberdeen and not in the right places - more rapid chargers needed on streets next to homes so people can be at home and monitor their vehicle charging, charge through the night not ad hoc in various places during the day but still need for comprehensive rapid charging network so people can travel. Big barriers and obstacles lay in store - investment in technology vital for future safety and security. Aberdeen Science Centre main focus robotics - Aberdeen mainly oil wealth oil capital of Europe powers every UK city that's North Sea oil.


Duthie Park Polmuir Road entrance EV charger

19th August 2022 EV charger Duthie Park lights not lit up or status indicator at back not green - greyed out actually so no source of electricity. Two plug-in Hybrids fuel cell with electric cables connected to fusalage side of car - evolt charger with no flow of ions or electric current and no flow of electricity.


Macauley Drive Rowett Institute EV charger

19th August 2022 Alongside Macauley Drive EV charger evolt issues reading the screen or LCD panel text keep changing also lettering square actually like computer digits. Chargeplacescotland.org is the app for this EV charger. Evolt charger has flap which is easy to open - evolt chargers with solid shut flaps like what's at Kingswells Park and Ride opened by RFID card swiping with sensor are less straightforward to use and using them less them obvious, people need instructions. Model X Tesla car here represented also shown by letter T think T for Tenants and Tenants in Park Scottish concerts near Perth outdoors also crossing Ts and dotting the letter-i. Crossing Ts and dotting i's this is grammar - Elon Musk cashed in his share in Tesla to reinvest elsewhere actually competing motor manufacturers were coming out on top. Tesla vehicle finished charging, no owner - all blue status lights confirm vehicle fully charged, green lights confirm EV charging working with live electricity. Serial number or model number not present on charging device - nowadays visual representation combined with maker like evolt is how people can find user manuals online.


Golden Square Siemens EV charger at Union Street entrance

18th August 2022 Zero Emission Enterprise Car Club charging at EV charger Golden Square using Siemens efacec the German manufacturer EV charger. Easy to use open flap insert a cable which comes in the boot of your car at the time of car purchase. Green light indicates ready to use charge EV vehicle - machines are used with RFID car swipe at machine interact by wireless means using radiofrequency. RFID chips in bank cards also this is Contactless tap card at Chip and pin machine. RFID card swipe at wireless sensor will likely reveal details on the machine's screen or LCD panel. Digits 0-9 pad likely to enter some sort of PIN or Personal Identification Number for security - Siemens machines simpler than eVolt at Kingswells also at Danestone Community Centre, eVolt cannot understand how to open flaps to insert cables. Important to note different EV chargers use different systems linked to app based ecosystem and different apps are needed for different EV chargers this is a big problem really. You will need multiple apps installed on your phone - different machines give clues as to how the technology around EV chargers work. Shared video enables others to learn.


Woodhill House at the back opposite side from main entrance EV charger

16th August 2022 Woodhill House Aberdeenshire Council HQ bicycle rack at the back - main door round the other side. At the back EV charger and when it is lit up green round the back, vehicle ready for charging. EV electric vehicle chargers in public locations few and far between at present - vehicles can take an hour to charge so this is the Token Passing Network coming back into fashion, wait your turn please Sir can I have some more.


Unconfirmed EV chargers - confirmation best in video

There may not actually be EV chargers in these locations - visited the Aberdeen Science Centre previously and did not notice an EV charger. However, confirmation with visual evidence and sharing videos establishes trust and authenticity with others this is important to know whether someone is genuine or a fake - while deep fake videos do exist, it is other people real human witnesses living, working and visiting a location that can help to prove or corroborate a video is genuine.

This is what makes sharing videos powerful with a community via a public Facebook page.

Helping others may have many benefits at the end of the day - what's at the end of a given day well a Sunset and also usually another day. With Mach5 fighter jets you can watch two Sunrises in a given day. Referencing BBC Programmes - it was Brian Cox from the BBC iPlayer that rode in a Mach5 fighter jet at the start of Forces of Nature, the same BBC programme involved watching a snowflake and all snowflakes are unique perhaps symettrical in one sense but shape and size can vary.

  1. Exploration Drive, Bridge of Don AB23 8GX.
  2. Kincorth Library car park, AB12 5NP July 2022 nowt EV charger Google Street View
  3. There is absolutely nowt EV charger at Bridge of Don Library Car park by Scotstown Primary where Balgownie road meets North Donside Road which leads to Ellon Road, note Ellon Road links to Kings Street
  4. Satrosphere car park, AB24 5TU - nowt EV charger noticed at this location but car park not checked - Satrasphere car park now known as Aberdeen Science Centre located beside
  5. Broad Hill on Constitution Street beside the old Matalan building - Matalan moved premises or locations this location has not been checked. Absolutely nowt EV charger around this hill - it is a hill with a path network links Aberdeen Science Centre to Pitodrie Football Stadium.
  6. Campus One road off Balgownie road end of the road Mother Technologies nowt EV charger at this location surprising since it is a Science and Technology park in the Bridge of Don near Gordon Brae the road that links the Parkway with Old Aberdeen and the University of Aberdeen.
  7. Exploration Drive roundabout on Ellon Road meets the Parkway Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce
  8. Intermoor Car Park Tern Place off Denmore Road. Denmore Road is off Woodside Road where Howdens kitchens is located in the Bridge of Don off the Parkway near the big roundabout which links to Ellon, minor road Denmore Road off looping Howdens road off Parkway between Broadfold Road and Ellon road
  9. Aberdeen Maternity Hospital has definitely nowt EV charger.
  10. Railway station car park.
  11. South College Street by Wellington Suspension bridge foot bridge across the River Dee on route to Duthie Park from city centre nowt EV charger July 2022 Google Street View captured the scene. Actually nearby there is another South College Street which is the main road behind the railway station with the car park leading to the bridge.
  12. Regent Centre, Commercial Quay by Aberdeen bus station Terminal building Blaikie's Quay.
  13. Hareness Road Altens first road on right after Wellington road roundabout on lead up to William Wilson's bathroom specialists.
  14. Specialist cars Nissan Wellington Circle nowt EV charger at Nissan show room look back confirmed by video having visited Wellington Road on 29th June 2022