Date of publication - 26th July 2022

Care Homes Aberdeen - electic bikes could enable swift travel and you can charge a battery in your home at night using Alternating Current we all want solutions not problems and a PVR Personal Video Recorder can record multiple TV programmes enable catch-up via Freeview great to satisy your Mum - Sky Q and Virgin Tivo also multi-channel tuners or recorders never miss your favourite show

The 2006 law that banned smoking in public places in Scotland carried exemptions - smoking still allowed in care homes, police stations and prisons.

During the second world war disabled people were neglected totally still in the present day they are often given second thought although things are changing rapidly and anyone can have an accident - the Jews were gassed actually in Germany also Austria - refer to Auswitz - using gas chambers, gas is actually used on patients before they go under before an operation at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Patient here twice gassed, woke up both times was fine sick the first time after fillings in teeth fixed multiple fillings around age 17 seventeen. Gas chambers for Jews were known as the concentration camps - Israel came into being at the end of the second world war, home for Jews and they were earmarked with territory.

Novels and books some people read do tell these stories. Fiction books are generally make believe but perhaps they have a hint of truth, non-fiction books are true stories and then there is science fiction which explores imagination and what one hopes is possible. Science fiction really is grounded in hope like HG Well's Time Machine. In the modern era, Harry Potter may be considered science fiction even although it is classed as a work of fantasy by Scots author JK Rowling the world's first billionaire novelist who had several books creative writings put into films or Holywood Blockbusters. The big issue with Harry Potter actually is the serious question of what influenced the author JK Rowling. Authors may often write books based on personal experiences and often everyone's experiences are unique - personal experiences may be exaggerated often through fiction books and actually there can be many twists and turns - the plot often thickens.

Some books are real mysteries and there are murder mystery events - actually detective programmes on TV usually read clues to solve mysteries like Blue Murder is a modern example with Caroline Quintin, the actress from Birds of a Feather. There is also Midsomer Murders - not everyone watches these programmes but they are in TV schedules also in electronic programme guides also free website and app for iPad and Android tablet which are often 7 seven days in duration, always difficulty look back to see what programmes you missed to pair with catch up TV. Mum usually asks if a programme can be watched after she missed it - this is the downside with channel hopping and flicking through channels. Channel hopping is born from Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum really - same principle. Satellite TV is wireless over the air TV - over the air over a carrier with a binary two state modulated signal with latency or delay, signals often relayed between satellites and between multiple routers and switches on the Internet.

Terrestrial Freeview relies on antennas and transmitters - Durris is the local transmitter for TV often lit up red Infrared light visible from Westhill in Aberdeenshire and around the Aberdeen area also bridge between Drumoak and Durris is banned to cars now, access only by walking and cycling with a detour for cars for those that live locally. Infrared streams out wireless terrestrial TV - Mum usually says look at that red light in the distance as she looks out her bedroom window late at night as she is closing the curtains during winter. Darker earlier in winter so Durris transmitter red glow usually more noticeable - Infrared lights good for night vision. Durris TV antenna mounted on tall pylon - Mum's Dad erected electricity pylons charge hand linesman, an important role actually that is what happened in the past to build the elctricity network we all take for granted. Electricity network above ground through the countryside, but below ground in towns and cities in Scotland - in America such as the Sunshine state of Florida there are electricity cables everywhere on the streets surrounding the often popular Orlando resort home to Magic Kingdom and Disneyworld.

Sky Q TV can be expensive and is not really that useful for everyone but does offer the ability to record four programmes at once. Alternative set top boxes do exist actually always powered by Java object oriented programming language - that produces platform independent software applications - known as Virgin TV, but you do not have to have Sky and Virgin because you can buy a freeview box that record programmes with multiple tuners from electronics retailer Currys. Tuners seek TV channels and multiple tuners enables multiple channels or programmes to be recorded at the same time or simultaneously.

PVR Personal Video Recorder is the Freeview equivalent of Virgin Tivo the cabled network TV provider and Sky Q the beefed up enhanced version of Sky HD set top box. A PVR Personal Video Recorder can record multiple TV programmes at once using Freeview and keep your Mum happy - satisfy her enable her to watch TV programmes she has missed because time can really run away from older people - although clocks are usually all set at a different time, actually this is linked to the battery actually and some clocks run faster and slower - this is known as the clock rate which does need to be kept in sync. All Cisco routers have a clock rate function and Cisco routers power the backbone of the Internet.

Computer motherboard batteries can wipe a computer's clock set it to midnight and first of January when the BIOS battey needs replaced. BIOS is the Basic Input Output System of a Computer. BIOS info stored in boot ROM traditionally but more commonly stored in NVRAM or Non Volatile RAM, which is not lost when the power goes down helping to retain essential boot information for a computer.

Talk clock synchronisation, think Big Ben and big established London landmark that sets the speaking clock - dial 123 to check the time from a landline phone in the United Kingdom.

Most people do like getting outside, travelling also going to work, playing golf perhaps also cycling. Golf and cycling can be hobbies but cycling can also be transport also and are affordable modes of transport, could help keep people more mobile and independent as the rollout of electric cars or EV vehicles progresses. Electrification of motoring is the future and most people like travelling, going on holiday - first electric plane flew during 2021 to a Scottish island off the West coast announced BBC News.

You do not have to cycle on a pedal power bike - electric bikes can assist greatly and unlike electric cars, you can charge batteries for electric bikes from your own home via Alternating Current plug sockets - this could be really useful for during the night. Electric batteries for bikes use a sophisticated storage mechanism to store electric charges for a longer period of time for extensive travel than a standard mobile phone.

When the battery is charged, lithium ions rush into the anode for storage. When the battery is used, the ions leave the anode and flow into the cathode, generating a flow of electrical current in the process. Each electrode consists of many microscopic particles, and each particle contains even smaller grains.

Capacitors do not store charge. Capacitors actually store an imbalance of charge. If one plate of a capacitor has one coulomb of charge stored on it, the other plate will have −1 coulomb, making the total charge (added up across both plates) zero.

Charge storage capacity cyclic voltammetry - The charge-storage capacity (CSC) is often used as a predictor of how much charge an electrode can inject during stimulation, but calculating charge from a steady-state i-E curve (cyclic voltammogram) over the water window misrepresents how electrodes operate during stimulation.

Three stages in charging a battery - Stage 1 one is the Bulk Charge. The primary purpose of a battery charger is to recharge a battery.

Stage 2 is the Absorption Charge. Smart chargers will detect voltage and resistance from the battery prior to charging.

Stage 3 is Float Charge. The float stage brings the battery all the way through and maintains the 100 percent state of charge.

Traditionally in British homes power consumption spiked when households boiled the kettle, but in future energy demand could be higher during the night if more people are to stay mobile embrace electric bikes for swift travel that is flexible and agile - electric battery charging during the night not necessarily most workers commuting to work during the night, but some medicines do say they will make patients drowsy such as heavy duty codeine. Electric bikes might be safer than scooters which require putting one foot on the ground and are really akin to accelerated walking.

The batteries are DC current - in a home from a wall socket to charge a battery, there is an Alternating Current to Direct Current conversion going on and actually this is also the complex engineering that underpins universal battery chargers linked to Physics also STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. RGU University in Aberdeen been doing TechFest for a generation or 25 years.

Universal battery chargers can have multiple connectors for different sized mobile devices although for small appliances the voltage is usually less perhaps up to 16 amps. This person bought his first universal battery charger from Bruce Millers for 16 pounds a hefty price tag back then with pocket money not much money a week and took rechargeable batteries to American Florida the Sunshine state flying over Greenland during 1994 to power personal stereo cassette tapes - music is always enjoyable. Mum always used to say giving me a pound initially and three pound a week as a student, this person with Autism was doing fine in the care of parents. Planes actually may not fly directly, they sometimes take detours to avoid strong winds and currents in the Jetstream - the Jetstream is a movement of air or wind high up that control weather patterns.

For laptop computers the voltage is usually higher than the really small portable appliances think CD players for example. Still many people have Compact Discs for music. Childrens music keyboards also tend to be low amp suitable for portable appliances on a par with CD players actually. Playing music can really entertain others - Mum always liked the White Rose of Athens, might be because she visited Greece along with Irene Burr before she met her husband of 42 years, the woman who lives in Aberdeen worked in the telephone exchange with Mum and Irene actually went to Berriedale funeral home during April 2016 to help Mum see James and Janet Stephen about her late husband, Dad - actually Mum's daughter also went to the funeral home being a great support during a time of grief, but Mum's daughter did not view her Dad's body, but still it was me who took Mum twice to see the body. GP Doctor or Dr Colin Hunter also remarked he does not look at dead bodies since they freak him out and actually he treats the living. Mum gave Dad a kiss as he lay in an open coffin with socks on actually - body stone cold as Mum remarked this is the heart having stopped beating, no blood circulation and blood circulating is actually what keeps bodies warm maintains body temperature. Important to make sure someone is really dead because being cremated alive would not be present for anyone.

Actually electroics can malfunction not work when the wrong amp or voltage is chosen from a universal battery supply. This is called overloading in terms of electrical circuits - computer processors on motherboards the internal circuitboard on a computer can be overclocked to run faster but it may heat up and burn out quicker.

Really best to leave your processor alone avoid overclocking it - computers can go bang especially if they are aging or are recycled computers old office equipment. Overclocking a computer processor known as the brain of a computer may achieve more calculations per second but it is for experienced technical users and can shortcircuit a computer's sophisticated electronics or the motherboard.

Aberdeen care homes - where are they?

Parsley Castle Care Home - Mugiemoss Rd this one looks nice, a Castle from the website with a photograph - no moat though encircling the Castle, but the carers will likely put up a defence protecting vulnerable patients.