Electric Vehicles In a Nutshell or Summary

Kingswells Park and Ride EV electric vehicle Charging oil workers tend to not understand EV electric vehicle charging technology so petrol stations likely to close bang goes the worldwide refuelling network, forget about the future of children - Facebook great potential application with diverse user base useful to seek donations, for business advertising, to solicit feedback, to help individuals connect and share get their views across also Facebook useful to bring communities together facilitate discussions

Electric vehicles plus hydrogen tend to support multiple different charging technologies so drivers may not understand the background technology also Kingswells Park and Ride lower car park rapid chargers support petrol pump handles familiar analogy CCS Combined Charging System, Chademo and Type 2 all three divergent systems

Electric Cars and useful web links also seeking to keep world movement going well into the future - actually children and younger people may be jealous of those who have moved around also those more vulnerable persons may also have regrets

EV Charging Aberdeen shows location of all electric vehicle chargers with videos also and helpful usage advice

Home Charging for EV electric vehicles for through the night charging ideal for commuting around town, a city, or an urban environment - actually Nissan Leaf can cope with Aberdeen to Glasgow 150 miles on a full charge

EV Electric Chargers Made Easy think Douglas Adams The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Understanding EV chargers in a nutshell - Britain historically peace keeping nation in the world

Cannot afford electric vehicle 26th August 2022 message to Department for Work and Pensions via online journal - Foreign language French in schools is learning often from recorded sounds certaintly that was used in the past - people can have wisdom and knowledge of a native tongue, important to share to facilitate global transport

EV electric vehicles around Greenfern Road, Mastricht the main shops also Gallowgate EV chargers, waterfalls at Marischal College and absolutely nowt EV charger at big main car park around West North Street contrary to Aberdeen City Council website

Aberdeen oil capital of Europe EV chargers Hazlehead, Golden Square and Aberdeen Royal Infirmary also Chapel Street wireless contact RFID cards used to swipe at machines and access done via smartphone apps also different EV chargers use different apps need for multiple apps installed when roaming driving

Electric vehicles quite complex to charge - descriptions published independent of Facebook and also non technical people may struggle to charge an EV electric vehicle this could include older people also women likely fall into this category since often computing and engineering professions are male dominant

Teaching STEM Science Technology Engineering and Maths - World's most qualified teacher

NAND gate to build smartphones and tablets and other Maths for Computing boolean operators

EV electric vehicle Charging Definitions and Terms - the standard electric vehicles also battery capacity and range

EV Charger videos from facebook www.facebook.com/wonderfulwesthill

From Computers and Integration - Electronics Suppliers list of websites

From Computers and Integration - Boolean Logic to Build Mobiles and Tablets including the NAND gate - NAND flash memory is what modern mobile devices are made from - Inside a CPU or computer processor - the original design by Babbage father of the computer

From Computers and Integration - Electrics, dynamo, alternator and battery make up an electric car also electric vehicles are self-starting and Lithium Sulfur future batteries for EV vehicles - also Semi-Autonomous Braking uses sensors to predict a crash and apply brakes and EV vehicles may come with Blind spot monitoring, Lane Departure Warning System controls steering rack, Traffic Jam assist - acceleration, braking and stopping at speeds of 40Mph also Active Parking Assist is car parking itself also finding a car parking space and LiDAR is light detection and ranging

From Computers and Integration - Prepare to Switch off Analogue Radio and Mobile Proxy IP and also Mobile Proxy IP assists 5G wireless radio technology - Really preparing people to switch off AM FM radio is important to accelerate adoption to 5G free available spectrum - mobile proxy is a gateway that assigns a device mobile IP address rather than a residential IP or a VPN - mobile as in mobile data not broadband via fixed line also WiFi often wireless extension of fixed line Internet linked to a home or office

From Computers and Integration - Liquid cooled computers might help to cool down computers in an age of global warming and Important to understand the term condensation to build more electric and hydrogen vehicles for sustainable transport to help people move around

From Computers and Integration - Satellites in space for telecommunications support Britain island nation Naval defence and use of expensive satellite phones also 3G, 4G and 5G masts useful since satellites are limited by line of sight due to curvature of the Earth

From Computers and Integration - Lidar is light direction and range also Lidar is measuring the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver - Important to use discretion when selecting information also question online sources challenge online information - Teachers may mark a pupil's work - some questions can have right and wrong answers, but actually it is constructive feedback for the grey areas where big improvements are likely to be found also help for the most disadvantaged. Dicussions are better supported in the digital ecosystem where learning gets recorded over a passage of time

From Computers and Integration - Antennas and The Fresnel Zone - Fresnel is an area around the visual line-of-sight of a sender or receiver of data like the visible horizon off an axis that radio waves spread out into after they leave the antenna like in a long wave and wireless signals can have a far field through the atmosphere - also there are multiple different types of antennas which emit signals in different directions, with different considerations for placement, signal intensity and range in some cases or instances